How rydes Works

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Easy Setup

Setup is easy and seamless! Register your rydes4KIDS account online or email or call 240.277.9170. We'll be ready next time your kids need a ryde.

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Confirm ryde

Registered? Start scheduling rydes! Place an order for a ryde and you’ll be matched with one of our fabulous drivers. Receive a confirmation text with all the details: adult client name, child(ren) name(s), pickup location, drop-off location, time the ryde was ordered, driver name, car make and model, license plate number, ryde cost and a unique ryde number.


We're here!

Sunday - Thursday 7am to 9pm
Friday - Saturday 7am to 11pm

Want to book a weekly schedule? No problem, we handle recurring rydes. Reminder, we require a 2-hour notice for each ryde. A real rydes4KIDS dispatcher is available to answer questions and help with scheduling to make your rydes experience seamless. We’re happy to help 240.277.9170 or